An Albanian-born artist, Juna Skenderi seeks to merge her passion for storytelling and her obsession with craft.  Her ink drawings are meticulously and slowly created with black ballpoint pen. They are always done with black ink and begin with no intention. This has carried over into her new collection of abstract embroideries.

Her work has shown at BWAC, White Box Gallery, Fuse Gallery, TheaterLab, The Living Gallery, K&P Gallery, Collective Arts Incubator,  and Grady Alexis Gallery. 

Juna's wearable art line, Nous Wear, has been published in Bullett  Magazine, Nakid Magazine and Murze Magazine.




2017    Wide Open 8, Group Show, BWAC, New York, NY

2017   Radical Resistance to Xenophobia, Group Show, ArtUnited at Grady Alexis Gallery, New York, NY

2016    Pop Up Group Show, K&P Gallery, New York, NY

2016      "Transcendence: Artists React to the Election", Group Show, The Living Gallery, New York, NY

2016       “Garden Party”, Group Show, Collective Arts Incubator, Los Angeles, CA

2016       “NYC Street Art Show”, Group Show, Set NYC, New York, NY

2014       “Marry Me” installation and “Show Me How to Dance” performance, One month long residency at TheaterLab, New York, NY

2013       “Some of Them Watching”, video installation, TheaterLab, New York, NY

2012       “The Wind Negotiation” performance and video installation, Northside Town Hall, New York, NY

2012       “Outlaw”, Group Show, White Box Gallery, New York, NY

2011       “2 Feet, 12 Inches”, Group Show, Fuse Gallery, New York, NY

2008       Solo Show, Gallery 3.5, Montclair, NJ

2008       “Bricks”, Group Show, Seed Gallery, Newark, NJ